CSS question while working in Dreamweaver MX 2004

I admit to not being a coder or anything near fluent in CSS.  I am, however, trying to understand enough to be able to properly manipulate code Dreamweaver MX4 gives for an entire page that is a 3-column left nav setup.  

My real question / problem is that I'm not sure what exactly is creating the "columns".  I'd like to be able to edit this page in the future, adding a graphic, some text etc.  However, whenever I go to do that, I get unexpected results.  For example, I wanted to add a bit of text (a single word) to the top of the left "column".  So I put my curser above existing text, entered what I wanted, and it seemed to create an area spanning the entire page width.  So, I seem to have no real understanding of what is limiting the width of the columns, and I can't seem to see where or how the three columns are differentiated.  

I am looking for someone who might have used this Dreamweaver example (it comes with the software), who might be able to help me along.  Short of that, I'll be happy to learn a little something that might be helpful in this situation.
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sajuksConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i assume you went this way ?
file>new>general>three-col left nav....create ?

well if u look to the right of ur screen there are your design,code,application,tags windows.
if the design layer is clised open it and you shoud ne able to see the css file ( 3col_leftnav.css)
if u double click it it will open in ur layout frame. and looks like this
/* 3col_leftNav.css                             */
/* Use with template 3col_leftNav.html          */

//am not copying everything
where u've the various styles.
u shoud be looking for the code marked as "Layout Divs" in the css file. that is where the div size and style are fixed.
("My real question / problem is that I'm not sure what exactly is creating the "columns". ")
Use this in relation with the code of ur html page and u should be set.

the dreamweaver site has got a good starting link for u
and for  css

linqueAuthor Commented:
aHAH!  ok..  thank you for showing me *where* to look.  It will help me to begin to sort through this.

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