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smart serial/v35 dte cable to dce/ethernet

dear sir
i have a cisco cable smart serial / v35 dte
i want to convert it to ethernet
can i do this  ?
if no , what can i do to get a connection from cisco 800 series with 2 interfaces ( smart serial / ethernet ) between 2 computers , one is plugged to the router's ethernet , and one is plugged to the smart serial ethernet ,
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1 Solution
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
You can't. Ethernet and serial are entirely different.

Do the computers need to be on different networks? If not, get a small workgroup switch.

NO NO NO NO you CANNOT do it. Sorry. That's what a router does. It takes inputs from different technologies and physical interfaces and routes packets between them. You can't put yet another "adapter" to change a physical serial interface into a physical Ethernet interface.

You could get another router with a serial interface and get a v35 DCE cable, connect the two routers back-to-back via the serial cables (DTE is male, DCE is female so they will plug into each other), and then you will have an Ethernet LAN connection on each end, with bandwidth sqeezed down to 2Mb (max bandwidth of a single serial interface) between them.
May I ask why a "C" grade? Even though it was not what you wanted to hear, it was fully accurate.
Don provided the same answer. I would like to ask a moderator to re-open this question so that you can close it out fairly and at least split the points with at least a "B" grade.
xodosAuthor Commented:
sorry , i m not very good in cisco networking so i thought this is a part of the solution that is why i decided to give you the C grade ,
if you asked the moderator to reopen the question , i may give you A grade

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