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Sending Network Broadcast message from Delphi.


I am creating a mail server monitoring program in Delphi.

I have now decided that I require to send Novell broadcast messages over the newwork when certain conditions are met.
However last time I done this sort of thing, there was that lovely file called "Send.exe".

Does anyone know of a way I can send a message from delphi, or does anyone know of anywhere where I can obtain an old copy of the "send.exe" file as I am now working for a different employer who does not have an old copy of the client.

Many Thanks.

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You might want to check the Novell Developernet site:  http://developer.novell.com/

I know there's some stuff for Delphi there.  

You also might want to look at the "cool tools" downloads at http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/  to see if you can find someone that has posted the SEND.EXE program or some other download that might have SEND.EXE in it.

You can also look around at http://www.novellshareware.com/ - there's lots of stuff there.
Also, one of our Experts, maques, has a site that has some downloadable tools on it - he may already have what you want to make, already done.
This thing is pretty dreadful, but it works...

Nowadays, the "send.exe" function is built into the Client32 product (although I am loath to tell any of my users about it.)  With it, you can send targeted messages as well as "broadcast" by selecting all users attached to a server.  You can check out that function (if you have Client32 installed) by right-clicking the red N in the tray, selecting "NetWare Utilities", then "Send Message", then "To users".  I don't know what piece of the Novell Client32 does it, but it might be available in the NDK.

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