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Network Spyware scanner

Does anyone know of any software that can scan the network for spyware / malware ?
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Spysweeper Enterprise


I use it for my network and like it fairly well. It can actively monitor machines to prevent infection and you can remotely do scheduled scans or manual scans of machines. You get reports of what spyware has been found on what machine which includes the mac address of the machine plus much more.

It doesn't catch all spyware...but you won't find one program out there that will get it all. But I think it is definately a start to helping manage and prevent this junk.
dwelldonAuthor Commented:
I will give that a try thanks.
A free solution that requires more ingenuity:  install spybot search and destroy on client computers

Use psexec, part of pstools from SysInternals to remotely execute the program.

Spybot is capable of silent installation, silent updates, and silent scans.  All available with command line options.  Very enterprise friendly.

psexec allows you to remotely execute command-line commands on another computer.  So you could run a command that looks something like this

psexec -u administrator //machine1 c:\program files\spybot\spybot.exe /s /q

That is NOT an actual command, I'm too lazy to look up what the actual command line parameters are...that's just an example.  You'd put that line in and you'd be prompted for a password.  You can also add "-p <password>" to the command line for psexec and include the password, but keep in mind that is plain text.
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Hmmmm...just curious why one solution was chose instead of both....as both were very viable solutions.

Spysweeper will silently install, silently update, and silently scan all with a nice GUI that makes admin easy not to mention the nice reports and other enterprise features. Don't get me wrong, I love spybot as well....it's teatimer is great for prevention...and I use spybot as well. But I've found spysweeper much better as an enterprise solution because of its design to be as such.

Spysweeper allows for setting up of groups so you can have different configurations and has lots of advanced features.

I think both programs are great. Granted, spybot is free, but it seriously lacks the nice enterprise managment that you get with spysweeper...in my opinion.

Just curious for your reasoning here on not accepting both :)
Free is fun :)  I agree you solution was also valid.  One thing I've learned on EE is that the free solution gets accepted a lot more frequently.

I'm a big fan of enterprise management systems.  My organization has LANDesk as a desktop management suite, and we can push down an installation of Spybot to any computer we want, and then schedule scans to run at any time, and collect the results file for review.  We haven't automated the review process yet, but that's mostly because doing so would take a lot of time and programming for something that isn't that difficult to do manually.

PSTools doesn't give you all of that in a nicely bundled package, but with some scripting knowledge you can build workable versions of all of it.  The installation, the scheduling, the file collection.  All of it can be done for free.
Hehe, yes, I hear ya..free is good. But he/she didn't specifically ask for free :) I'm not really complaining just curious since it was a very general questions with no specifics...just asking for software :)

I'll tell ya one reason we did spysweeper.....I work for a large organization....upper management wanted a corporate solution that was backed with reliable tech support (reasonable request) AND we wanted a site license....much easier for a large organization to pay a flat fee for x number of licenses than worry about individual license agreements.

Anyway, while from a tech standpoint, I have no doubt that spybot is a great program...I use it and love it....but from a business standpoint...it is essentially created by one person which offered no "security" for our high level managment in making a corporate decision about a specific software. There was no guareenteed support nor any way for a site license. I think management had the idea of well what if we make a big hype over this, have thousands of people using the software, and then all of a sudden that person decides to no longer produce spybot. As techs, we know how fast things change and that in a year, there will probably be a new software out better than anything currently available...but as I'm preparing to go into IT managment myself....I also see the side of our management folks on why they made the choice they did :)

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