How to view folder security on multiple folders

I have a file server with multiple folders and I would like to check the security of all the individual folders and verify if it is correct without having to do them one by one.  There are hundreds of folders.  Is there some kind of utility or vbs script that I could run to pull a report of some kind?
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msluneckaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's a command line tool, but it comes direct from microsoft.

This one is for Windows 2003, they also have an xcacls.exe for Windows 2000 Server in the resource kit.   Not sure about xp compatibility.  It will give you what you need.  A simultaneous list of all Access Control Lists on your system.
I just noticed on the link that it IS compatible with Windows XP as well.

And here is a link regarding this tool for Windows 2000 Server in case that's what you're running.
And yet another tool from the 2000 and 2003 resource kits, is "showacls"

You can run the command

showacls /s c: > ACLs.txt

It will drop all your ACLs into a text file in same directory with showacls.exe

Many options for doing this.  I've never seen a graphical reporting tool, which I've always thought would be really nice.  Microsoft is split these days. Command line programs are more conducive to scripting and programming, but GUI tools are often easier to read and work with.  Sometimes they create both, which is nice of them.
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