Tooltip to describe class functions

I'm trying to allow tooltips to show up while I program.  For example, I have created a class with multiple properties and functions.  When I create an instance of that object and start programming in it, VB.NET will list out all the members of the class and also what the declaration is.  I was wondering how I can add a description to that tooltip that gives a more descriptive explanation of that class/parameters.

Here is a brief description of my class

Public Class MyClass
   Private var1 as integer
   Private var2 as integer

'This is my description of Var1 that I wish to display
Public Property Var1() as integer
end property

'This is my description of Var2 that I wish to display
Public Property Var2() as integer
end property

'This is my description of the function.
Public Sub AddThese()
end Sub

end class

Now when I program:

Dim x as new MyClass

when I type   x.Var1  I would like a description to show up that I had above the function.

I believe this is accomplished using attributes, but not sure.  I would appreciate any sample code.  Thanks.

end sub
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RonaldBiemansConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is one of the features Microsoft forgot to include in VB.NET  

Fortunately, you have a few options open to you.

VS.NET 2003 PowerToys, which includes a VB.NET XML Commenter -

VB.DOC, a free documentation system for VB.NET -

The only other thing I can thing of is DescriptionAttribute Class (System.ComponentModel) , here you can set a description for properties and methods in your class (but they only show up in the properties window and not in the object browser)

<Description("Your Description"),Category("Your Category")> _
Public sub mysub ...
RonaldBiemansConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can't, they forgot to add that feature to It will be added in the next version though
It is supported in C#

 when typing /// at the 3rd "/" you will receive a list for every parameter , remarks and return for the current method
neelbakAuthor Commented:
Not the answer I was hoping for.  But it was accurate.  Thanks.

Is that feature present in the VB.NET 2005 ?
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