Getting Install Root Path For Web Installer

In my installer I tweak the web.config file settings based on values input in one of the installer dialogs.

Right now I assume "C:/Inetpub/wwwroot/" + virtualDirectoryName + "/web.config" where virtualDirectoryName is the passed value of "TARGETVDIR" in a custom action, but I'm hoping to find a more robust methodology (that will account for virtual directories somewhere other than Inetpub/wwwroot).

I tried looking at "TARGETDIR" but it ended up being the System32 folder or something (not what I wanted). Is there a way to get at the install root?
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r u talking about Request.Phyicalapplicationpath
What language do you use in your custom action?

But whatever, I think this will work.
Search for registry key value HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Inetstp\PathWWWRoot

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boulder_bumAuthor Commented:

Unfortunately I don't have access to the Request object at install-time.



I'll check your suggestion out, thank you.
boulder_bumAuthor Commented:
Hey laotzi,

Thanks for that, it certainly helps, but it's slightly imperfect. That key looks like the default installation directory for ALL web apps, but it won't necessarily install there under certain circumstances (if I have a virtual directory that runs on a different port and doesn't use the default install root, for example).

It seems like there HAS to be a way to get at the install root. After all, the installer itself has to know where to put the files. Has anyone else checked this out before?
boulder_bumAuthor Commented:
I couldn't figure anything else out, so I went with that suggestion (and prompted the user if the file wasn't found).

Thanks again, man!
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