annotating an image

What's the best way to annotate an image (i.e. what software to use/what functionality within the software).

In other words, I have an image and I'd like to be able to point arrows at different parts of that image and write a comment, that would contain at least 80 characters on a single line.  Also, I don't mind if it exceeds the page size - I don't mind printing it on multiple pages.

I would prefer to use either a well known software that I might already have (like MS Word or what not) or a freeware.

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Lobo042399Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi aturetsky,

If you want your annotation text to remain crisp and clear I'd use an Illustration program like Illustrator or CorelDraw or Fireworks. These programs offer better text handling than a raster program.

lherrouConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, far and away the most powerful tool out there is The Gimp ( On the other hand, powerful tools bring learning curves...

Another good tool, and not free but cheap (and it has a 21 day trial period) is LView Pro (

If you have a scanner or digital camera, you may already have software on the CDs from those that will do the trick.
HeadIdiotConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I agree with lherrou regarding the GIMP.
What you are proposing to do is called "image mapping" and the GIMP fully supports it.  It will even allow you to create links to different pages from each section, should you so desire.

(BTW - I'm not after poinx here...just backing up lherrou's solution.)
aturetskyAuthor Commented:
Thanks, lherrou, for your thorough response.
Thanks, HeadIdiot, for elaborating and thanks, Lobo for the solution most useful to me, since the crispiness of text is of concern to me.
Thanks aturetsky. Glad to be of help!

Good Vibes!

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