Opening Folder causes reboot

I have a weird problem.  I have a Dell Poweredge 2550 server that I just installed Windows 2000 Server on.  I mapped a network drive to pull off Winzip and PCAnywhere from my utility drive.  I copied those two folders to my new desktop.  But when I double-click to open the folders, my server does an automatic reboot.  I don't see it bluescreen.  It just acts like someone flicked the switch off and on.  It happens everytime I try to open a folder.  I even went as far as to reformat and reinstall, but the situation still exists.  Has anyone had a problem like this in the past?

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do you have any antivius or firewall software on the win2k machine in question?
Pepperoni711Author Commented:
No.  It's a fresh system.  All I did was install the server software and goto windowsupdate.
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Same thing was happening to me.

Check your Video Card Drivers.

When I last Installed the system (Gets installed every 3 months, Programming Computer, Badly Abused)
The Video Card Drivers, did not install correctly.
So I uninstalled the Drivers.
Then Rebooted, "Defragged" The system.
Then Reinstalled the Video Card, and have not had a problem since.

Since you have just installed Win2k Server onto this system.
This could "Possibly" be the problem with your Reboot Issue.
I know it was with mine, and it took about 1 week for me to finally find out that it was a Video Card Issue.

Unfortunantly, It does not write the Information to the "Event Viewer" about.

This may and may not be the issue with your system.
But it is a Fast quick check.

Take Care

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Pepperoni711Author Commented:
That did it.  Thanks!  The latest drivers Dell had were from 2001, but it worked!
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Not a problem at all.

  When the system does stuff like this, "Reboots" without warning and their is not "Event Viewer" Errors.
Being Recorded, The first thing that you always want to look at is the Drivers, for recently installed "Hardware"
Software Drivers, that go bad, do not Usually cause this issue. But instead, they simply just Lock Up the Program.
That the driver is being used with.

When Hardware Drivers are not installed properly. This causes the Hardware not to function when doing
Simple Task. Like displaying the contents of a Folder.
The folder may not have no Heavy Graphics in it, but it will cause the Rendering of the Folder to become Unstable.
And instead of the Hardware's Drivers trying to force a Render of the Folder.
It simply Reboots the computer. Instead of forcing Render, and causing a Blue Screen.

Makes you wonder? Which is worse on the computer?
A Blue Screen (Which dumps the Memory)
Reboot (Which does not give the option of saving data, just HARD Reboot) ??
Makes you wonder huh? does me.

Take Care and glad that we got your computer back up and going.
Like it was meant too.

Take Care
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