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Wireless access not working


I'm a COMPLETE beginner to wireless networking, first of all.

I have a user on the network whose old pc is connected through wireless network card (Netgear WG311). This pc, although old, is working fine and connecting to the network no problem.

I have to upgrade her system, so I took out the network card and put it into her new pc, and ran the installation.

When I brought it to her desk (I can't reach the wireless network from where I am), it recognises the wireless network, and lists the wireless networks near the building, but when (in XP) I click 'Connect' it comes up with an error saying that Windows could not reach the network, that I am now out of reach. This is impossible, the pc is right beside the wireless adaptor.

There are probably other things I need to set up in order to connect this user upp, I just doen'tr know what they are - I am used to just joining new pcs to the domain and they are good to go.

I need someone's assistance on getting this user's pc onto the network. Thanks.
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While going through your wizard or your wireless client there might be some security requirements. I do hope you have the details of the ESSID - this is the name of the netword.  Sometimes this is advertised and you can read it when searching the air.  If you have the right one, then you need to select the security, this can be none (which I do not hope so) WEP (which is a pre-shared key of 5 or 13 chararcters) or EAP-TLS (Certificates), WPA-TKIP, etc, etc.  You need to enter this information.

Then the last thing could be MAC filtering, this means only certain (ranges) network cards are allowed on the Access Point.

So in essence, find out about the security.  If it's wrong you might "see" the network but you cannot join. In certain clients you will see a key next to the Wireless Network Name (ESSID).

Would it be possible to check with your network admin?

Let me know your results
BTW I did assume the AP was set-up correctly and other users can use it already.  An entire set-up would take a slightly different approach.

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