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Events in COM Server

I have a simple COM object, but I am unable to get its events in a client....

The following lines are the problem in the COM server implementation:

//  Initialize
procedure TMyCOMObject.Initialize;
  inherited Initialize;
  FConnectionPoints := TConnectionPoints.Create(Self);
  if AutoFactory.EventTypeInfo <> nil then
    FConnectionPoint := FConnectionPoints.CreateConnectionPoint(
      AutoFactory.EventIID, ckSingle, EventConnect)
  else FConnectionPoint := nil;

The problem is that AutoFactory.EventTypeInfo is nil.... why is this?  How do I make sure my factory knows about my events?
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2 Solutions
I have tried the follwing but can't get it to work either :-( I thought it was a straigt forward thing to do, but it seems more difficult.

To make sure you followed the right steps (in Delphi7 that is):
1. make ActiveX Library
2. add Type Library
3. add Automatic Object (enabling "Generate Event support code") and call it MyCOMObject
4. on IMyCOMObject add a TestEvent method with no parameters
5. on IMyCOMObjectEvents add a OnTestEvent method also with no parameters
6. Press refresh on the Type Lib editor and go to Unit1 (where TMyCOMObject is implemented)
7. Create the following method

procedure TMyCOMObject.TestEvent;

8. Build and register this COM DLL

Then I wanted to create a client which consumes this event but I did not succeed...

Regards Jacco
I thought I had to create a class that implements IMyCOMObjectEvents (which was not possible since only the dispatch interface is in the typelib so I copied this interface stripped disp of dispinterface and added safecall) so I created a new class implementing IDispatch and my new IMyCOMObjectEvents and did all the implementations.

Then I created a MyComObject using CreateOleObject('MyLib.MyComObject ')
Created my event handler object
Connected it to MyComObject using a call to InterfaceConnect
Called TestEvent
But it crashes....
hello protemus , ,  the code you have posted looks correct to me,  , it looks like the "Standard" code generated by the com creation wizard in Delphi. . .
However, there are factors that come into play for a Client and Server to use the "Events", The client must connect to the server and have a workable Interface to the server's COM. .  I believe that the connection (if set up correctly) will initialize all of the things needed to have the event work. .

Jacco, I believe your client crashes because your "COM" Interface is Not registered in the system. You may want to start com server with a program insted of a Library, you just run the program and it automatically registers the COM interface with the system, I can not remember if a library will auto register?
I registered the DLL using the Delphi menu Register ActiveX library.

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