turbo debugger's information

Posted on 2005-03-18
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Last Modified: 2010-08-05
Hello programmers,
I compiled an asm file (with tasm/zi), linked it (with tlink/v)
and got an exe file, which contains turbo debugger's information. I checked this information and saw that it begins with these 2 bytes (in hex): fb 52. I noticed that these 2 bytes appear, at the beginning of the debugger's information in various exe files. I know that the meaning of fb, as a mchine code is: sti and 52 is: push dx. I don't know whether the
turbo debugger interprets these bytes as data or as instructions. Who can explain ?
Thanks in advance.
Question by:xyoavx
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Expert Comment

ID: 13578869
Most probably data.

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Expert Comment

ID: 13580197
FB 50 is data from EXE file header and it exists even in executable without debug information.
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Expert Comment

ID: 13580219
To be more specific about your FB 50:
---Borland TLINK
OFFSET              Count TYPE   Description
001Ch                   2 byte   ?? (apparently always 01h 00h)
001Eh                   1 byte   ID=0FBh
001Fh                   1 byte   TLink version, major in high nybble
0020h                   2 byte   ??
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Author Comment

ID: 13587875
Hi programmers,
Thank you for your efforts. I'm afraid that my question was not so clear. I'll clarify it by using the following example
 sseg segment stack 'stack'
  db 100h dup('*')
 sseg ends
 code segment
 assume cs:code
 x dw x
 db 7 dup()
 mov ax,sseg  
 mov ah,4ch
 int 21h
 code ends
 end start
The result of compiling (tasm f) and linking (tlink f) is an exe file (f.exe) which contains 784 (310h) bytes. I saw this by performing:
a) dir f.exe , b) by a calculation, based on  2 words in f.exe's header
(offsets 2 & 4). This exe file dos'nt contain information for the turbo debugger.
The result of compiling (tasm/zi f) and linking (tlink/v f) is an exe file
(f.exe) which contains 1186 bytes. I saw this by performing:
dir f.exe.
Now, the calculation, based on the above mentioned, 2 words, in f.exe's header, results (as in the former case) in 784 (310h) bytes. It means that for running this program under MS-DOS, this file contains only 310h bytes. The rest bytes contain debugger's information. I saw that the debugger's information begin with the 2 bytes (at offsets 310h & 311h)  fbh & 52h.
I noticed that these 2 bytes appear, at the beginning of the debugger's information in various exe files.
Who knows the meaning of these 2 bytes and the other bytes for the debugger ?
Thanks in advance,
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Accepted Solution

dimitry earned 2000 total points
ID: 13593411
To do source code debugging, debugger needs to know how every "expression" in let's say C-code corresponds to its assembler equivalent.
So generally speaking debug information contains:
  for every source code module:
    its source code file name
    and for every line of source code:
       two numbers: offset in this source file (line number) and offset in executable

Now if you want to know exact format of borland debug info, you can try google search, but I feel like it is not an open information.
At least I didn't succeed to find it very easy.

And let me reask you: what exactly you are trying to achieve ?

Author Comment

ID: 13632386
Hello Dimitry,
Thanks for your answer.
You wrote:  "And let me reask you: what exactly you are trying to achieve ?"
My answer is very simple: knowledge. I am a very curious person who wants to know as much as possible. If I get an answer to my question maybe I'll be able to use these bytes in some way.
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Expert Comment

ID: 13632540
Knowledge is great !
Take a look on:
It contains documents of different file format debug information.
Unfortunately Borland is not among them.

Author Comment

ID: 13698915
Hello Dimitry,
Thanks for the link.
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Expert Comment

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