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Windows 2000 Server 1907 error

Very strange problem.

I have two servers (lets say Server A and Server B). Both are on the same network segment. Both are running Windows 2000 Server.

On my workstation, I go into "My Network Places" and I drill down to the domain where the two servers are grouped.

When I click on Server A, I am prompted to enter a username and password to view the server.
When I click on Server B, I get "\\Server B is not accessible. The user's password must be changed before logging in the first time."

These two servers "should" be identical.

WHAT did I do wrong? Why can't I connect to Server B?

Please help me.

1 Solution
are you on a domain or workgroup?
if your on a domain are you using the same login credentials?
if you are on a workgroup try creatign new user accounts on both machines.
Or try logging in locally to Server B with the account information you are trying to use to connect with from Server A to see if it works locally.

It sounds like when you created the account on the other machine you set the option to "make user change password at next logon" which you can only do by logging into it locally or logging into to it as a domain controller (if it is one) rather than just trying to connect to a network share.

Hope that helps.
Nirmal SharmaSolution ArchitectCommented:
>>>When I click on Server B, I get "\\Server B is not accessible. The user's password must be changed before logging in the first time."

User's password has expired change it.
srodolffAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comments. Let me clarify.

I am logged into a Windows 2000 Professional PC with an account that has administrator privileges to the workstation.
I have not logged into a domain. There are two Windows 2000 servers grouped together in a group called say..."Work".

When I open My Network Places, I select "Entire Network" then Microsoft Windows Network" at which time all groups are listed.

I select "Work" and then see all the servers in that group. I have NOT logged into the server yet.

When I select Server A, I am prompted for a username and password for that server.

When I select Server B, I receive a "\\Server B is not accessible" message.

I have recently discovered that my local login did not have a password set. I set the password and everything now works.

WHY did Server B fail to connect while Server A allowed it? Is it a local setting in the server? Server A and B "should" be identical.
srodolffAuthor Commented:
Turns out that one of the servers did not have a password set. When I set the password, the problem went away.

Very bad diagnostic error messages though.

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