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Hi, I have a problem when compiling a c++ file, which using functions from other file in my Makefile. For instance, I am calling a function in cFile.c from my c++File.cpp. Since the cFile.c doesn't have the cFile.h for me to include (with extern), I thought I can somehow tell it in the Makefile. How? I don't know. Can you tell me please?

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BooBoo1025Author Commented:
I hope this additional info help clear my question. Here is what I do and error that I get (please assume some other path include in it, and 'foo' is the function that I call from the cFile.c):

.cpp.o : g++ -c -g -O -I./ c++File.cpp -o c++File.o

c++File.cpp: In function 'int main(int, char**, char**)
c++File.cpp:236: error: 'foo' undeclared (first use this function)

This seems to not be a matter of the Makefile, but which header files you are #including. If you have created header files that you need to use in more tha a single project, I'd suggest placing them alltogether in a directory of your choice an add that one to your "INCLUDE" path environment variable. And, of course, to add the respective #include directive to all files in which you need to use 'foo()'.
BooBoo1025Author Commented:
In this case, the cFile.c doesn't have the header file. If it has the header file, I already do the #include in my source file (c++File.cpp). BTW, I didn't implement the cFile.c. It was written by someone else. I want to able to compile my c++File.cpp and create its object file. Of course, this file is calling some functions from the cFile.c. What is the syntax to let the main function knows that function 'foo' is called from cFile.c?

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that's pretty simple, you have the c code and you can create the header file.

You can either create a header file with the functions that you want to use from c file.

Or you can just declare them in your cpp, linker will get them obj file. Since the compiler will need a declaration its complaining for that.

like jkr said it has nothing to do with the make file. The declaration should be available for the dependent source to compile.


Hi BooBoo1025,
> What is the syntax to let the main function knows that function 'foo'
> is called from cFile.c?

C++ uses name mangling in functions/methods to support overloading, name spaces, etc. C wants plain names.
Use extern "C" { ... } to switch off name mangling.

You can simply do:

// C++ function prototype for header
extern "C" { void foo(void); }

// C++ function implementation
extern "C" {
void foo(void){
    cout << "Now we have C++ called from C" << endl;

// C prototype would simply be
void foo(void);


BTW: Switching off name mangling works the other way round, too. If you want to call C functions from C++, simply declare their prototypes as:

extern "C" { void my_c_func(void); }

...and you can call them from C++.

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