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Can't send or receive mail after setup Proxy Server.

Dear all Experts,

Before I used internet via ADSL Router. I could sent or received e-mail with MS Outlook on my Windows XP PC. Now I just have installed SUSE Linux 9.1 Pro. on my network, I just setup Squid Proxy Server on this box. Most thing work fine. I can go internet via squid proxy server from my Windows XP PC. Only problem I could not send or received e-mail anymore. Anyone know how to slove, please help!!!.

Does I have to add any port configuration in file "squid.conf"?
How about ACL?

On this server I did not setup any mail server. Does it nessesory?

If I have SSH installed on this server. How do I setup in squid.conf file for I can access my server from outsite?

Thank you.

1 Solution
A whole lot of questions at one time!  I kind of like the term "sloving it" for fixing email servers.

Anyway, the ssh shouldn't have anything to do with the mail server working.  Normally, Linux will use port 25 for mail server.  However, some ISP's will restrict this port to their mail server alone, meaning, you can't relay from "mail.mydomain.com" through "mail.yourISP.com"
At least not without a Business account.

This kind of restricts your mail server somewhat.  Unless the mail is sent and received from your personal email account with your ISP, it usually will not be relayed.  Nearly all ISP's disallow relaying.

I'm not familiar with squid, as I use sendmail with a domain and business services, but I do know that unless you have a Fully Qualified Domain Name with Static IP Address and Business Services, using a mail server is a violation of TOS.

Because of all the spam, etc., from mostly those who do not have all of the above.

You can send and receive mail locally usually with a residential account, but for the Internet, there are other qualifications that must be met.

To send from XP box through Linux server, you may have to forward it using your personal account at your ISP, meaning that the from has to always be one of your ISP account names and addresses, and not a Suse Linux Server username and domain.

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