IBM Thinkbad ball error

I am facing a problem with my thinkpad IBM 600x .
When i start my computer i face an error which display during booting process that ''Error 08611'' and just pormpt to click on ok or restart. If i clicik on OK the system holds and do not process any more and in case of clicking Restart same Error occurs oftenly.this laptop has the facility to use ps2 mouse and i am also use this mouse when the keyboard pointer does not work i just want that can i disable the pointing device which is on my keyboard and if i disable it will it effect the ps2 mouse too or not

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The 08611 error is usually a trackpoint failure.  The most common cause is an internal cable problem, but unless you are a trained notebook technician, attempting to troubleshoot this yourself will probably result in permanent major damage to the laptop.

Disabling the internal pointing device will not disale an external pointing device connected to the PS/2 port.  As to whether or not it will fix the error message, I'm not certain, it depends if the error message is from the mouse controller (which may be the same for the internal trackpoint and PS/2 port) or just the trackpoint sensor (which isn't used by the PS/2 port).

Trackball, same as any game in an arcade.

Actually, that ball should pop out as easily as the one on a mouse.  Probably the four optical servos used to sense the ball movement are not getting proper information from the ball movement.

I wouldn't take the laptop apart, but it's manual should tell you something about cleaning the trackball.  I have seen some models that let you pop the trackball cover for cleaning the ball and tracks for the optical disc scanners.

If it's a cable problem, you've got a real problem.  No one wants to go inside of a laptop, they'd rather just get a new one.
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