Connecting to HP Deskjet through network

Hello,  I hope this is an appropriate forum as it might be a "networking" issue but here goes.
Bottom line is- I can't print from my non-XP computers on my home network.  My printer, (HP Deskjet 722C, with latest driver), is on my main computer, (3.2P4HT/2G-RAM on Intel D875PBZ with WinXP-Pro/SP1), and works fine.  Wife's computer, (Toshiba laptop 2.0Cel/512-RAM with WinXP-Home/SP1), can also print to my printer through the LAN just fine.  

I have 4 more computers on my LAN that all "recognize" and list the network printer as their default printer, but fail when I try to print something.  I just get a pop-up that tells me the print "Failed" with options to cancel or try again.  One of these is a Sony laptop AMD-K6III/256 with WinME, (I need it for my old scanner because there are no XP drivers for my old scanner).  Two of the other computers are Win98SE computers that I keep online for archiving data.  The final computer is another WinME OS on a PIII866/512 that I use to use as the main computer before I built this one.  The PIII use to have this printer directly connected to it and worked great.  Now, since being connected only through my local LAN, I can't print from it either.  All the computers have the latest drivers available but that is as far as I have gotten.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  This is not a big deal as I can always copy what I need to print to my main computer but it would be nice to be able to print from any of them, especially the ME laptop with the scanner on it.
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Just a thought - woud it be possible to share out the printer from the former "main" computer instead? It seems XP has these issues with printing and file sharing from older win O/S versions.
DerfXAuthor Commented:
I thought about that, it should work, and it may be the route I have to take.  

I set up a small LAN at work so the boss could use his old printer, (HP Deskjet 970), which is hooked up to his old computer, (some old Dell 233/32), that has Windows 98 on it, with his new computer, (another Dell), that has Windows XP on it.   It didn't give me any trouble sharing the printer in "that" direction.  The LANs are similar in that both boxes hook directly to a router with a 4-port switch.  

I could move the printer over to one of the other computers if it turns out that is the "only" solution but as a matter of convinience, I like it where it is.  I have fiddled with this issue since I built this new box last summer and I was hoping to eventually come up with something.

I guess I'll give it a week or so to see if anyone can think of a way to do it.  
DerfXAuthor Commented:
ALSO:  I want to be sure it is an issue with Windows XP and not an issue with this old Deskjet 722C.  I wouldn't mind buying a new printer if that would solve the problem but this old one works just fine so far so I don't see myself gaining anything if it is an OS issue.
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DerfXAuthor Commented:
JUST to add a little-  out of curiosity, I decided to go ahead and move the printer to another machine.  I had previously ran cat5 al through my attic so I could put computers elsewhere in the house so the convinient thing was to move the printer to my laptop which I keep near my main computer.  It has WinME on it.  And what-do-you-know, Both the WinXP computers can print to it just fine AND both the WinME computers can print to it.  Both the Win98 boxes still refuse to cooperate.  They appear to install the printer normally, (I tried installing it both ways, first as a local printer, then changing the address, and then as a network printer.  Either way, it appears to install just fine.  I can look at it on the 98 boxes, (see it listed as a shared printer), and click on properties and see the details on it but all I have to do it click that dreaded "Print Test Page" and I get the "Fail To Print" popup.

It may very well be that you can not print to a network printer that is sitting on a newer operating system than the system that is trying to print but I have never seen that statement in print.

But we tend to learn new things every day...
Have u try to create and account for them to join like this??

As my experience i will create an account like print for the user to login and map the printer.

Offcourse u have to set the permission at the printer sharring also.
DerfXAuthor Commented:
Yes, I have tried creating additional user accounts, (I never called one of them "print" although, I don't think the actual "name" of the account matters, but I'm not certain), and I have tried to set up the 98 boxes to "logon" to these accounts.  At the printer, the only thing I am aware of is setting up the "sharing" in the properties and I have done that with "no password" to try to make connecting to it as easy as possible.  I have tried calling the printer "Printer" and I also tried calling it "HP" but I might be addressing it incorrectly or something.

I am wondering if the printer on the newer operating system has a problem recognizing the commands from the drivers coming from an older OS.  Installing the printer, (even as a network printer), on the 98 boxes still entails the use of 98 drivers.  Could it be that the ME or XP machines have a problem with these commands?
I've got a home network with a Lexmark laser printer (X215) connected to a XP PC. My other PC's consist of XP, W/2000 and W/98SE, all of them can print to the Lexmark without any problems. Before I bought the Lexmark, I had a HP Laserjet 5, I didn't have any problems with that printer either. I have in the past, setup a home network where a W/95 PC was required to print to a XP connected printer, again (after I'd sorted out the many network issues) the printing performed faultlessly. All I'm saying is that while it appears to be an issue for your Deskjet, it's not necessarily an issue for all printers.

I just did a google search for "sharing Deskjet 722C" it seems that you're not alone with this problem!! A few sites name the 722C as being unsupported: and I suspect that this may be your problem.

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DerfXAuthor Commented:
I was looking at three possible problems, 1)Operating system, 2)Network issue, 3)the printer itself.  I am satified with your answer that it should not be an OS or networking issue.  I suspected it may be this printer because there have been other oddities about it.  It still prints good and oddly enough, it prints a damn good photograph, but it is very old and I have been looking for an excuse to buy a new printer.  i would like to get one that could work off a cheap print-server so my wife could print without having to turn on my computer.

I was hoping that somebody had done what I'm trying to do and could relate their experience.  I really appreciate your input.  I guess it's time to go shopping. Thanks
Thanks Derfx. I didn't know that there was set of printers that had this problem until I tried to provide you an answer. So we both learnt a lesson today.
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