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DNS WAN zone question ?

Okay, this file is the LAN zone file for a Split Brain DNS Chrooted jail set of name servers.  The comments in the middle are from TrinityOS and refer to the needing to know the route to the External DNS server, strictly from within the phyical site at Network Core Services for this network.


Private Addresses are prevented from being queried and/or broadcast outside of the network by the configuration of Split Brain DNS server.  The comment, half way down the zone file, explains why External and Internal IP Addresses are mixed in this zone and why.

The one thing I want to change is the .local to .com

Can you give me an evaluation of this file?

[gee, second time I didn't get link in the first time]

2 Solutions
the file itself looks alright to dns spec.  About the only thing is that you still have a couple of .local's in there.
Not sure whose brain is split - but who serves reverse zone for internet ???
Do all your hosts know they have many names ???
GinEricAuthor Commented:
Yes, that's what I'm working on, getting the .local out of the picture if I can.

Reverse Zone for Internet is served by ./chroot-dns-ext/ Bind DNS nameserver that is other half of split brain.

Two separate DNS servers in chrooted jail.

These files haven't been posted yet, WAN.zone, coming up.

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