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Error while configuring Outlook "The name could not be matched to a name in the address list."

Hi Experts,
 I am programmatically trying to conficure ExchangeServer 2003 to support multiple virtual organizations.
 To do that I am creating
 -- OrganizationUnit
 -- Security Group
 -- Global Address List
 -- Address List
 -- Offline Address List
for every virtual organization.

I have updating the security setting for
 -- Default Global Address List
to deny all users belonging to the any Organization Security Group. On doing this organization users will not be able to view all other users.

I have also updated the security setting for
 -- All Address Lists
to not allow "read"/"list contents". Doing this, I am avoiding the user from not to access "All Users"

Now, when I create "Global Address List" for an Organization, I give "read" / "list contents" / "read address list" for the Organization's Security Group. Doing this I am allowing user to read only organization specific Global Address Lsit.

After creating an Virtual Organization, I create user for the organization and add the user as member for the organization's security group.

Now, when I try to setup outlook for the newly created user, I get the following error message "The name could not be matched to a name in the address list." while doing "Check name".

I checked the user profile and found that the "Recipient Update Policy" is also working fine
i.e. able to see "showInAddressBook" attribute for the user. Logically, the user should be able to search his/her entry in the Organization's Global Address List and I must not get this error.

Using "System Manager", I went and opened the properties for the Organizations' Global Address List and just clicked on OK button and now the error is gone. Now, I am able to setup the outlook for the user.

This happens only for the first user of a new virtual organization. Once the go and open the properties window  for the Organizations' Global Address List and just clicked on OK button all works fine. I am just not able to understand whats going on.

Is there a way to come across this.

I need urgent solution.


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2 Solutions
well i think ur answer is in ur  question...by clicking ok u actually apply the LDAP filter to the group..... that is why u do not have problem with ur second or third user.....as to how to fix ur  problem so u can achieve ur goal through ur program i really do not know...
now it may also be that since ALL GROUPS are part of ALL ADDRESS LIST ...and u
have denied READ to all users that is somehow is preventing LDAP filter being applied
to the group which ur user is memeber of......OK now i know i am talking jibrish...so i will
leave this to a real experts.....
nimaigAuthor Commented:
Hi Vahik,
 Thanks for the response. I am unable to understand that why if I just view the property window for the Global Address List and press 'ok', everything works fine. Is it some kind of Bug in Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 ?

it maybe...or it maybe the way u have written ur script.....
i am sure it should not be neccessary for u to click OK inorder for ur script to work...if that was the case and everytime a script was to be excecuted a GUI access was neccassary inorder for it to work, then scripts will be useless..
in ur case it seems that is what is neccessary...
the error u get some times happen even when u use GUI to create a mailbox enabled user..which means GC is not updated and either requires an exchange restart ora recipient policy update...(i know u said u can see showinaddresslist.....but the error message says otherwise.....since address list info is derived exclusively from GC,your GC
is telling u the mailbox  info is not updated yet)
i have not used ur method to do what u want to do...so i wont be able to help u with
ur problem....it requires more test..or a call to MS...
You're problem could be addressBookRoots.    When you create a top level GAL it needs to be listed in the addressBookRoots value on the Microsoft Exchange container.  Most likely clicking OK in the GUI is doing this in the background, you should implement it into your script.  Oh, do not add the GAL to addressBookRoots if it is a child of an address book that is already in there.  Only add top level address lists.
nimaigAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response. I tried out setting values for the addressBookRoots as you have mentioned but I still get the same error.

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