How to integrate win32.hlp into the IDE

when you want more info about any delphi specific keyword you hold the mouse over it an press F1. However, when I want information about GetWindowText for example, and press F1 the help window opens but without showing any page.
Of course you can look it up separately from program files\borland delphi\help\win32.hlp. But I want it to be available like the core help. Anyway to do it?
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esoftbgConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Press the right mouse button over the IDE's buttons, or IDE's menu, then click on the DropDownMenu last MenuItem = "Customize..."
Click on the thab "Commands" of the Form Customize
From the Categories select "Help", then Drag the needed Help buttons from "Commands" and Drop it onto the Delphi's IDE.
That's it
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