Contcats created in public folders can not be read by admin after copied to user contact folder

We typically have all of our prospect contacts created in a public folder and then we drag each contact to the individual sales person's contyact folder.
Our problem is that once we drag to contact over we see the tick number go up for that contact folder, but when we (Admin) go in to look at it or do a search we can not see it.
We are running Outlook 2000 with Exchange server 2003 in Windows 2000.

We recently changed from exchange server 2000 to 2003. In server 2000 NO PROBLEMS.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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This is a really tough one.  It sounds like the 2003 system is MOVING the contact handle, whereas the 2000 system just copied it.  It might be a fundamental change is MS logic -- they do this all the time, without telling anyone ;(

Do me a favour -- instead of dragging with the left button, would you please right click (right mouse button) drag to the spot you want, and let go, then choose COPY, instead of MOVE.  If this works as you would expect it to, under 2000 -- then what MS has done is change a copy to a move, without tellling you.  That's not abnormal for them....

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