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Trying to debug ASP.Net Websites using Delphi.Net, Hangs all the time, with/without Debugging!

I am on urge to uninstall Delphi.Net, and this framework rubbish.

For the last two days i have been trying to set Delphi.Net up for ASP.Net.

* I have installed everything that was required by the Del[phi installer
* Installed .Net Framework 1.1 SP1
* Installed and Re-installed IIS 5.1, and ran the command to re-register ASP.Net virtual paths and whatever into IIS
* Installed Cassini as a second webserver, configured everything
* Completely uninstalled Delphi, .Net, Everything related to .Net. Then reinstalled following the installation guidelines.

But still... every time i go to execute my ASP.Net project, the web browser loads... and then stays at waiting for reply or sometimes the internet browser will just go blank. When this happens, i immediately try the task manager, so i Alt-Ctrl-Del to get to teh task manager, click the link and it just freezes. All processes are dead slow, and i have to reboot because nothing is usable except for my mouse. This also happens when i run the project without Debugging.

The only time i ever got the debugging to work, was when i used the beta of Visual Web Developer Express 2005, where it worked everytime. Unfortunately my host does not have ASP.Net 2.0 extensions yet, as its still beta software...

Please help, i am considering ditching this and using PHP, but i like the idea of using Delphi to program this dynamic site i have in mind.
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Mohammed NasmanSoftware DeveloperCommented:
Are you using Delphi 8 or Delphi 2005?
in Delphi 8 debugging ASP.Net with IIS was painful, it's much better now with D2005,

if your hosting support ISAPI, you could use Intraweb for building dymanic site using Delphi, it's more RAD, and doesn't require a big knowledge in the web to start developing for it
ActiaAuthor Commented:
I am using Delphi 2005. I have tried everything, lost the will to try ;)

This Intraweb sounds very interesting, my host does supports it too.
Does this use .Net? Do you have more information about it?

It says there is VCL version? This has no reliance on .Net?

the VCL version allows you to do everything you can do with version 7 or *previous*, .NET allows you to create web applications *very easy*, or .NET executable applications

Delphi is still at its early stages and is very buggy, I think it will take another 2 versions to be a good stable product like we were used to, and I don't know if it will survive that, since Microsoft is realeasing very good products for .NET web development

for your problem, try pointing the browser directly to the website you created, instead of starting it from Delphi (F9)

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Mohammed NasmanSoftware DeveloperCommented:
With D2005, you have two verisons, one for win32 and other for delphi for .net
the win32 version doesn't rely on .net or any dll, you can compile the web application as native ISAPI or stand alone exe(which doesn't require any web server)

the .net version will compile as .net assmebly, which require .net to be installed

if your hosting support the ISAPI, I prefer to go with the win32 one

ActiaAuthor Commented:
I didn't realise Intraweb was included with D2005. I am very impressed by its power, and its ease of use!

I was creating very basic sites within minutes, and it was like Delphi code, really amazing!
Thankyou for pointing me in this direction.
ActiaAuthor Commented:
Also thank you BlackTigerX, this is a workaround to my original problem.

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