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JPEG with Link

I want send an email with an image (as an attachment) in JPEG format to my friends, which can open a new page with my given address on clicking.
Preferably through HOTMAIL or YAHOO.
Thanks Guys.
1 Solution
If it is an attached image, it cannot have a link.  You either have to put the link in th ebody o fth eemail, or put the link in a document with a link, and attach the document.


I'm not sure how some companies do it, those who send ads to your emails.

I don't think it's possible with Yahoo or Hotmail though...

Anyway, I did try in my email program (outlook express), I just went to Create New Message...Insert > Picture Link.

Then I clicked on the image, and added a hyperlink to it. I put
"mailto: email@somedomain.com" (without the slashes).

Try it on other email progs and see if it works also.

So if you don't have a POP3 account, get one so you can use Outlook or something. This site works for me...it's also free


Good luck!
I don't think you can send an attachment like this to hotmail or yahoo -- sure you can do a maito: xxx@yyy.com, but they won't take an image attachment AFAIK

One thing more, when I meant it probably couldn't be done with hotmail or yahoo, I meant the web interface. Yahoo Mail does offer POP3 accounts and Hotmail sending and receiving is integrated into Outlook and Outlook Express.

So if you just want to use your yahoo or hotmail account, use Outlook Exp or some email program. Yahoo accounts can be accessed in two ways from Outlook Exp:

1. Get a POP3 account from them (you need to pay)
2. Use some third-party program like yahoopops to get and send mail.

emails can be sent in two ways: either as plain text or HTML format (sometimes your email client may ask you which format to use).

So the only thing you need is to send emails in HTML format, insert a simple <image> tag a put the link on it. The embedded image may be sent as attachment or sometimes is put in the mail with absolute URL and located somewhere on the web. (The second option is mainly used by spam sender and is usually blocked by good mail clients.

Best Regards

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