export then import contacts


i need to reinstall exchange 2003, for reasons i won't go into....i have about 600 "Contacts" (external contacts), that i would like to export before i uninstall and then import after i reinstall rather than lose them all and have to manually retype them all in.

is there a quick and easy way to do this please?

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where are they currently stored ?
in an address book or your contacts folder... ??
naifyboy123Author Commented:
no - they are exchange contacts not outlook - they are in AD
you could use the ADMT (active directory migration tool ) to "migrate"  them then.

This might give you some indepth help with it if you've not used it before
naifyboy123Author Commented:
thanks jodeypeet

that would need another domain to be available as admt migrates between domains - i was hoping for a simple export/ import option as there used to be in exchange 5.5 - is there not a simple option available
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