ASP.NET / DropDownlist JavaScript Problem

I have an ASP.NET DropDownList server control which gets populated on the client side via JavaScript, like so:

var oOption = document.createElement('OPTION');
oOption.value = sText;
oOption.text = sText;

When a postback occurs, this ListBox doesn't contain crap. It's empty.

I've tried checking it for contents in Page_Load() and in some of the handlers. Nowhere does it seem to arrive with the items I added through JavaScript.
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try calling the javascript function that populates the dropdownlist from the page_load event
listbox, dropdownlist etc does not maintain the items added on the clients-side when a postback occurs as the viewstate does not know of these items added from the client (on the browser)

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hmmm....dunno if that is possible via javascript but maybe add the newly added items into the url string (cookies maybe) and then extract that new data inside the page_load or whevever?
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yes Rejojohny is right.
But you can access the value the user selected in the dropdownlist.

on client add option with javascript
var oOption = document.createElement('OPTION');
oOption.value = "TestVal";
oOption.text = "TestVal";

and on server you can use
this will return the selected value ("TestVal" in this case)

hope that helps
prashanthanAuthor Commented:
I tried to retrive the value through Request.Form("listbox"), but it always return the first item of the dropdownlist.

Is there any other way to acheive it.

Request.Form("listbox") will always give you the selected value in the listbox and not the whole list of items ..
Please do have alook at my comments ..
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