domain name dns management

I know this isn't technically an exchange question but I wasn't too sure where to post this.

I'm new to all of this dns managment stuff.

I currently have managed at

Our company host there website on our server and the customers own server handles all incoming e-mail.

The website side of things are ok. Its the dns settings for the the e-mail I'm stuck on.

The static ip of the e-mail server (running exchange2000) is

Here is my current config for the dns settings:

mx record

0 mail "blank"
10 mail2 "blank"
20 N\A "blank"

sub domain A
mail A
mail2 A
www A

I previously had the mx record 0 record setup with but my customer found they sometimes had the following error once sending an e-mail:

"the DNS operator for 550-has installed an invalid MX record with an IP address 550-instead of a domain name on the right hand side. 550-Administrative Prohibition. 550 We could not verify your email address <>. (in reply to RCPT TO command)>"

Freeparking setup the above config. After I explained about the above message. Is this correct because when I try and telnet onto it takes to me to the webserver not the e-mail server plus I'm not sure the customer is getting e-mail correctly. Should the mx record have to be setup too? Free parking don't seem to be much help on this.

Thanks for any help.
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The MX records seem fine.
A quick DNS report also seems fine:

However, your server is announcing itself as one name but is known as another. You should change the SMTP VS to reflect the correct name.

ESM, Admin Groups, <your admin group>, Servers, <your server>, Protocols, SMTP. Right click on Default SMTP virtual server and choose Properties. Click on the last tab Delivery and then click on the Advanced button. In the middle box FQDN, enter "" (minus quotes). Apply/OK out.

4mmddsAuthor Commented:
Ok, thanks, I will add that.

just a couple of things.

whats the difference to adding the ip\ in the 0 mx record section than the setting above in sub domain
(mail A

When I try and send a message to a user either through outlook or by using the following link I get a " Unable to relay for "anyuser" (in reply to RCPT TO command)>"
error, any clues.

The only other comment I would have made on the MX records is not to have one at cost of 0 - some servers don't like that. If I am running dual MX records then one will be 5 and the other 10.

An MX record cannot be an IP address - it can only be a host. Therefore you will setup a host of some kind (it doesn't have to be in the same domain - so it could be and then the MX records will point at that.
Therefore if you wanted to use as your MX record, you will need to create a host of type A called mail in the domain (which you have) then enter as the MX record.

As for your "cannot relay" message - have you added to the Recipient Policy of your Exchange server?


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4mmddsAuthor Commented:
turns out I just had to wait for the settings to filter through the web correctly. All ok now.

One thing that is not clear to me is what is the difference to adding the in the 0 mx record section than the setting above than in sub domain
(mail A At the moment the the mx record is blank but the e-mails still work ok because of the 2nd setting above??!?
Take a look at the DNS report that I linked to earlier. This will show you what the MX records are as seen by the Internet. They look perfectly valid to me, so I wouldn't worry about them again. Check in 24 and then 48 hours to ensure everything has propagated correctly.

Just going through some of the old outstanding questions as it is quiet...

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4mmddsAuthor Commented:
points are yours mate
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