Remove deleted Domain from Logon Box

I've got a sub-domain setup on my network.  On my arrival as admin, I decided that wasn't needed. hOwever it wouldn't remove properly, so I just removed the box from the LAN.  (note, there weren't even any services, or roles to transfer, it was pointless to have a sub-domain)
I've gone through and deleted what I know using ntdsutil  utility....
However the domain STILL shows up in the box for logon

Maybe someone can give me a step by step of how to remove an errant sub-domain and server?

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That domain name in the logon is a netbios name of the domain. Check to make sure it is no longer listed in your hosts file or on any WINS servers. While your are at it you can check the _msdcs folder in DNS to make sure it is not still listed as a DC.
krakkenAuthor Commented:
Definitely not in WINS servers, and nothing else but appropriate controllers under DNS.

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krakkenAuthor Commented:
nope nope nope.... beleive it or not I have taken all of these steps.  The parent domain still things this child domain exists somewhere, and every logon has an option for this sub-domain.

I've gone through everystep mentioned, AND I've gone through them again after this posting, and it still doesn't make a difference.
krakkenAuthor Commented:
It was something else entirely.. it was a trust relationship between the sub-domain and the main one.  I removed the sub-domain trust and there are no problems now.
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