Auto forwarding email

Is it possible to have all incomming email for an exchange mailbox, get forwarded automatically to an exch 2003 mailbox at another site thats not connected at all.  
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Forget about the fact that the other site is also Exchange - this is just simple email forwarding from Exchange to an outside address.

Create a mail enabled contact in ADUC for the external address.
The go in to the Properties of the mailbox, choose "Exchange General", then the "Delivery Options" button. You can enable forwarding there - choosing the mail enabled contact that you just created.

Well i think he is asking for "ALL" incoming email. Wouldn't an SMTP connecter based on all emails forward to an IP of his choice. I do agree with you Simon 100%.

just to be clear

pauljnyeAuthor Commented:

I think that's what I'll try and setup, and post results later.

I do however have a related question...  Will any of the bcc lines get stripped out when the mail is forwarded?
Lets say an email was sent TO: and BCC:  What will the 'TO: line' read when its forwarded?  Will it be or  When it gets forwarded to will it lose any email fields?

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Exchange uses the SMTP engine to forward at that point. So if you were sent the message on the BCC then you should still get it. The actual header of the message doesn't change.

pauljnyeAuthor Commented:
Thanks Simon,

After considering your first comment above, AND your notes on mail enabled contacts ( ) it looks like I have 2 options;

1. Create an AD user and Exch mailbox.  Create a Mail enabled contact with a single smtp email address, being the external one.  Configure mail to be forwarded to the contact.  The mailbox will grow in size

2.  Create a mail enabled contact with 2 smtp addresses (, and mail will be recieved and simply go straight back out.

Does it matter which way to go?
Also, what if the mail enabled contact has more than one internal domain email address?  For example John recieves mail for, and also  Should all 3 address be entered for that contact, and then the one external address ?  To further confuse things, what if he has 3 internal email addresses and TWO external ones, can that be done all through a mail enabled contact?
The options depend on whether you want to store a copy of the email that has been received. In some cases this may be a requirement.

I wouldn't recommend putting more than two email addresses on to the contact. I tried it once and Exchange got itself in a real mess.

Instead, if you have multiple addresses that you want this user to receive email for, then I would probably use a distribution group instead. Create the group and include all the internal email addresses that the user needs to receive email for.
Then create a mail enabled contact for external address , containing a single external address only and make each contact a member of the distribution list.

The annoying thing is that I haven't actually seen anything from Microsoft that the combination of two email addresses is the way that you are supposed to do it - it just seems to work so I use the feature.


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