DNS Trouble HELP!

I have been fighting with DNS for two weeks now and have had it!  
Current network config:
1 DC = 2000 Small Business Server
- Exchagne
- Shared Fax Service
7 Clients PC = XP Pro
The problems is this, up until yesterday I was having problems with users have long login times, MS Office application lockups, and trouble accessing mapped network drives in a timely manner.  DNS is hosted by the ISP, each client PC was using DHCP but the DNS addresses were manually entered in.  Over the weekend I changed the clients to automatically get their DNS, and I changed the www A Record inside the local DNS to the ISP DNS.  Log in times were much faster and network resources performed much faster as well.  Well today when users attempted to access the company website internally, they are getting the ISP home page.  From outside the network I can access the website with no problems.  There is nobody at the ISP who knows anything about MS DNS!  They thought that you could have a DC with out DNS, so the ISP "helpless desk" is out of the question.

On their request I changed the www A record to the external website address, which didn't work.  Can sombody explain to me what I am doing wrong here?  I want to configure my internal DNS to work with the ISP DNS without it affecting my client systmes.  Do I really even need the ISP to host my DNS?  Would I be better off just hosting it internally?
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fruhjConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's a DHCP option for your DHCP server (as apposed to a client option)
you can set it in a few places - you have server wide options, and there's scope options - for a specific subnet - in a small network it doesn't really matter where you set them (global or scope) In a large network, you'd set network wide settings as global settings, and subnet specific settings (like the default gateway) would be set on a scope by scope basis.

The defaults should have set all this up, but if not, off the top of my head, you'd want dhcp to give out the dns server, the dns name, and the default gateway for each client.
you need to setup your internal DNS to host your local records, and forward requests it can't resolve to your ISP's DNS server (ie www.yahoo.com)
In DHCP config - you are going to give each of your clients the IP of your SBS as the one and only DNS server.
In fact, your SBS will also be configured to look to itself for dns - the only thing that will point externally is the DNS Server service config (which you access via administrative tools)

Can you tell me more about the company website they can't access? Is it on the SBS machine also or is it hosted externally?  Did you use the same domain name both internal and external for your DNS domain? I think SBS defaults to a .local domain so as to avoid conflict with a real registered domain...

For example, say you are companya

your internal domain would likely be companya.local - this is what SBS would see/use as well as all your PC's
your external domain would likely be companya.com - this is what your customers would see

Also if you are using the SBS as your external website, let me know if you have more than one IP address assigned to it.
- Jack
Halo21Author Commented:
The domain was setup as companya.com because they use to host their own website.  The site has been moved to the ISP for hosting as well as DNS.  I don't see anywhere in DHCP that allows me to set the DNS servers.
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