Configuring multiple NICs on Win 2003

I have a Windows 2003 Server with multiple NICs.  It does a bunch of things including email server and file sharing over a vpn.

The addresses of the NICs are and
I can set my email program to use a particular IP.
I want to separate my email traffic from the rest of the traffic.
I have a 2 routers, one is at and the other

I want NIC to use as the gateway and
NIC to use as its gateway.

I can't seem to get this to work... When i change the network properties of the NICs so they have different gateways i get a warning and i ignore it... then nobody has access to anything at all.

I have read about using the route add command but it seems it is only applicable if the two NICs are on different subnets - that is not the case here.

Is there a way to seperate the traffic among these NICs??

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when you setup NIC to use gateway, is it going directly to the router or through switch and what warrning message you get exactly? same question is fo the NIC to use gateway. What is the link between these two routers? are there other interfaces on these routers connected to somewhere else?
I would suggest that you put the NIC's on to separate subnets.
Eg. &

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saunaGAuthor Commented:
the warning i get is:
Warning - Multiple default gateways are intended to provide redundancy to a single network(such as an intranet or internet). They will not fumction properly when the gateways are on two separate, disjoint networks(such as one on your intranet and one on the internet). Do you want to save this configuration?'

there is no link between the routers:
Server with 2 NICs - each one connected to a router.
each router connected to its own DSL modem
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So why are both of your ip addresses in the same subnet? I can't see that working until you change one of them to be on a different subnet as I suggested above.
saunaGAuthor Commented:
why can't they be on the same subnet?

i am trying your suggestion now - and ....
It would probably screw up your routing tables.
two default gateways for same network...that doesnt make sesne..and the warning is self cant have two default gateways on one will creat redundancy for packets to look for a gateway, ultimately..traffic will not reach the intended destination. Caltor is have to have them on seperate networks..and if you have windows 2000 server, your RRAS will take care of routing as well,although u need to configure that.
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