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Excel "clone"

I currently have 3 separate workbooks including 1 worksheet each. Is there a way to create one workbook that contains 3 worksheets that would be a clone of the individual 3 sheets?

Workbook A = Sheet: Bears
Workbook B = Sheet: Lions
Workbook C = Sheet: Tigers

What I want is for Workbook D to include 3 sheets: Bears, Lions, Tigers
And, these 3 sheets will automatically be updated by the original 3 workbooks.

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1 Solution
You need the Wizard.
(Snorts through nose)

Open Mother Workbook.
Open 3 workbooks.
Copy cells on sheet from workbook1.
Go to Mother. Edit-Paste special, Paste Links.
Do the same for workbooks 2 and 3.

Problem? Yes....

If the number of rows varies, this is a PITA!
You will end up with lots of rows that contain 0 because the rows on the baby sheets contain blank cells.
1. Open Workbooks A, B, C & D
2. From Workbook D-Bear-A1 cell, type '='
3. Switch to Workbook A (Bear)
4. Select A1 then press 'Enter'

You will be brought back to Workbook D-Bear-A1 cell with the following formula: '=<Workbook A>.xls!$A$1'

5. Remove '$' from cell A1 formula
6. 'Copy' cell A1
7. Block cells covering your required cells
8. Click 'Paste'; this will copy A1 cell formula with respect to row & collumn references on Workbook A

Perform the same steps (2-8) for Workbook D-Lion & Tiger.  You may also want to add Worksheet protection to Workbook D afterwards.

Hope this helps...


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