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cisco 515e - how to conenct via console


I just unpacked a sexy looking 515e, very nice with a super web interface.

Whilst fiddling i think i've screwed it up - possibly turning off its dhcp etc meaning that i can't connect to it directly (as i'm not assigned an ip addr).

The package includes cabling etc for all sorts.

Can someone give me a tip on how to actually connect to its 'console'?

I've read that the "config factory default [inside-ip-address [address-mask]]" command should return it to its more useful state.

Any help appreciated.

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1 Solution
It will contain a console cable which is an RJ45 at one end - which plugs into the console port on the PIX and a 9pin serial on the other - which plugs into a 9pin serial port on your pc/laptop.

Open up a hyperterminal session - start>programs>accessories>hyperterminal
Choose COM1 (or whatever COM port you use to connect) in the session
Set the connection settings as 9600, 8, None, 1, none
and connect
this will bring you to a console screen where you can reload the PIX and set it up from scratch or make changes to the IOS

et voila!
The "Quick Start Guide" should have been included in the package. It has clear, color pictures of exactly how to connect up the console.
Else, here it is
benspanAuthor Commented:
Thanks a heap - i'd been using my own cabling, which must be faulty.
You're a legend.

unfotunately the commands i've entered 'config factory default" do not work and i cannot find anything in the manual for this.

Do you guys know the restore to default commands at all (i want to defaul the entire thing so that i can use the web interface).

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To restore the default:
PIX#write erase

then reboot the PIX...
Or, if you can get to the GUI - File | Restore to factory defaults
benspanAuthor Commented:
it looked like it worked, but i still cannot receive an ip address and access the admin site.
Do you just get to the first prompt, type write erase then turn off?
or is there a controlled restart program?

There is a controlled restart.
You can run it from the command prompt via the console:

Answer the questions....

benspanAuthor Commented:
alas i'm no closer to a workable gui interface.

i connect via hyper:

run: enable

Usage:  write erase|floppy|mem|terminal|standby
        write net [<tftp_ip>]:<filename>
pixfirewall# write erase
Erase PIX configuration in flash memory? [confirm]

pixfirewall# reload
Proceed with reload? [confirm]

from here it seems to reboot without any problems.

i'm still not getting the dhcp allocated address such that i can access https://192.168.1..1/startup.html

Need a little help here if i can.

after you run through the default setup to your specifications - pls post the config


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