Windows 98 urgent network problem

I have 2 computers with Windows 98 SE installed on both of them. The network configurations on both of them are identical.
  My problem is that if I want to copy a file (5 MB) from station 1 to station 2 it works just fine (few seconds). But from the same computer when I want to copy a file from Station 2 into Station 1 it will take more than 5 minutes.
  This problem slows down a Fox pro software that we use between these 2 computer, and is not acceptable.
Please give me a solution for this problem as fast as possible

My network has:
== Client for Microsoft Networks
== Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC
== IPX/SPX-compatible protocol
== NETBeui
== NETBIOS support for IPX/SPX-compatible protocol
== File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks

URGENT please
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calinutzAuthor Commented:
One more thing ... as I said the station 2 has problems. Funny is that I placed another computer instead of it and the problem stays the same.
If I want to copy from station 1 to station 2 takes 5 minutes. (No matter from where I want to make the transfer... it works the same if I start the copy process from station 1 or if I start the copy process from the station 2). If the file resides on station 1... then if I want to copy the file on station 2 it will take more than 5 minutes.
The other way around works just fine.

copyfile       station1 ==>station2   (5 minutes)
copyfile       station2 ==>station1   (7 seconds)

Please help.
calinutzAuthor Commented:
Could it be the switch? I will buy another one to try this with another one.
The ping works fine between the two computers.
I used a program that shows the transfer speed and the copying process has a lot of pauses... and when it works it does with 333KB/s and the pauses again.
   The process of copying from station2 into station1 goes with 10MB/sec
It's very frustrating.
Any further comments are wellcome.
Are both network cards in full duplex mode?

Control Panel -> Network -> Network Card -> Properties -> Advanced
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Also, does the same kind of delay occur no matter what file you are copying? Or just that specific file?
It must be the switch... If the programm that monitor the transfer speed shows delays in communication.
Did you try to ping <ip> -t -l 5000 or other values to see just how large packets can be transfered.
If there are no problems in the transfer then it must be other settings. But I tend to believe that the problem is with your Hub/Switch.
Good Luck

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I can recommend losing all other protocols except for tcp/ip. It's useless to have three protocols if not used and tcp/ip is the most used in the last years.


if the computers are not connected to Internet, you can use only netbeui, it's the fastest protocol from the three mentioned.

Anyway, try to reconfigure using just one protocol.
calinutzAuthor Commented:
It was the switch...
sorry all ... ghitza was closest to the problem.
I changed it and now I do not have a problem anymore.
Thanks all
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