Groupwise 6.5 Undeliverable mails.

Hi experts
We have a GW6.5SP4 system.I just want to know where can i find the undeliverable mails?
Our Groupwise server is setup to send oubound mail using a relay server.
To be more specific i want to know if i send a mail to a non-existent or wrong e-mail address, how will i come to know whether the mail is sent or not?
I have already checked the GWIA option to send the undeliverables to postmaster A/C and setup a useras postmaster/operater etc. etc.
I also checked the pages 149/150 of Tay Kratzer's book as suggested by PsiCop in some other relevant question.
Pls suggest something.

Recently i found the following information:
Maximum Number of Hours to Retry a Deferred Message: Specify the number of hours after which the Internet Agent will stop trying to send deferred messages. The default is 96 hours, or four days. A deferred message is any message that couldn't be sent because of a temporary problem (host down, MX record not found, and so forth).
For the first hour of the specified time, the Internet Agent will try resending the message every 20 minutes. After the first hour, it will try resending the message every four hours. For example, if you specify 10 hours, the Internet Agent will try resending the message at 20 minutes, 40 minutes, 1 hour, 5 hours, and 9 hours. After the 10 hours has expired, it will return an undeliverable status to the sender. This setting corresponds with the Internet Agent's /maxdeferhours switch.

I think i will get the undeliverable mail after the system has tired sending it after 96 hours.Is that right?I will try changing the default to say 6 hrs. and find out the answer.

PS: Tell me where can i request for a separate Groupwise Topic Area at EE.
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The proper place to request a new TA is -->

However, as I understand from the Site News (, they are not creating new TAs at this time. Still, doesn't hurt to get your $0.02 in. I know I'd appreciate it.

Congrats on running the latest code. I'm at BrainShare and I was just in a class with some of the top GroupWise people at Novell. We touched on this very topic.
Deferred Messages are stored in DEFER subdirectory of the GWIA directory. Yes, by default, GWIA will continue to retry sending the message, at the intervals you quoted, for 96 hours. The Novell guys here at BrainShare recommend dropping that to 4-6 hours.

"Undeliverables to Postmaster" is not what you may think. With regards to INBOUND E-Mail, if the inbound E-Mail is sent to a non-existent user, GWIA does NOT regard that as an "Undeliverable" message. It will generate a "550 User Unknown" SMTP response and discard the message. There's presently no clean way to get such messages forwarded to the PostMaster.

So what does "Undeliverable" mean? Think in terms of corrupt MIME parts or insane headers. That is the sort of think that "Send Undeliverables to PostMaster" will send along to you.

For getting back a non-delivery report (NDR) when you SEND E-Mail, you need to enable Delivery Status Notifications (DSNs) at the GWIA (it might be on the same ConsoleOne tab that you used for the retry delay), AND you need to configure the client to request a DSN when you send to an Internet E-Mail address (I don't have the client in front of me right now, but its probably under TOOLS -- OPTIONS -- SEND).

Note that you have no way to FORCE another E-Mail system to honor your DSN.Its completely optional. Some mail server are *deliberately* configured to silently drop E-Mail sent to an invalid user. This is done to thwart spammer shotgunning.

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umang505Author Commented:
Great to hear from you  after a long time, i wish i was also at Brainshare ( maybe next year i will be there).Will get back to this question tomorrow.
Keep us posted.
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