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insert image in latex

I have an image pipo.eps and a latex file named invoice.tex
Both are placed in the same dir on a server, and I have a webapplication that displays a nice pdf document from the tex file. Now, I want to insert pipo.eps into the file. Assume that I really know nothing about latex. Someone gave me some code but it gives errors. Someone else said there is something wrong with "usepackage". I really don't know what to do?
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1 Solution
I have not played with Latex for more than 10 years now, please have a look at my answer in

Just follow the links to have a look at the sample codes.

here is an exemple to show you how to insert image(.eps) in your file

% invoice.tex
\Logo{\umbclogo}   % add an optional UMBC logo


Use the \verb|\includegraphics| command to include
encapsulated Postscript graphics in \LaTeX\ documents,
like this:






You can get this exemple here :

Hope this helps,


alberthendriksAuthor Commented:
Sorry, it seems that the problem is different. Although the embedded latex compiler I am using generates a pdf document, there seem to be errors in it. Because small normal modifications to the document cause the compiler to fail generating a pdf document, with errors. I am not a latex expert. I did not make this document, I just have to add an image to it. Could someone debug? The below document works, but if I remove the % on the 2nd line, it fails with errors. (points increased).




    Telephone & \\
    Facsimile & 



%\thispagestyle{empty}     use this with letterhead paper

  \textbf{Subtotal} & \textbf{} \\




  \textbf{Number} & \textbf{Description} & \textbf{Qt'y} &
    \textbf{Unit} & \textbf{Price} & \textbf{Disc} & \textbf{Amount} \\
  & carried forward from page  \\




\textbf{F A K T U U R}
  \textbf{Datum} &  \\
  \textbf{Faktuurnummer} &  \\
  \textbf{Klantnummer} & 


  \textbf{Artikelnr} & \textbf{Omschrijving} & \textbf{Aantal} &
    \textbf{Eenheid} & \textbf{Prijs} & \textbf{Korting} & \textbf{Bedrag} \\





  \textbf{Subtotaal} & \textbf{} \\


  \textbf{Totaal} & \textbf{}\\


  Alle prijzen in \textbf{}.




\centerline{\textbf{Dank voor uw gewaardeerde klandizie!}}


Well, if when you uncomment the graphic package, you get an error, i would say you have a probleme with your package.
If i well remember, graphicx is a standard package, but maybe yours is corrupted or somethig likes that.
Maybe reinstalling it is a good idea.

Here is a pdf file for LateX :
Check chapter 5.1 etc for packages installation.

Hope you will find what you need,


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