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Lottery game using flash

I have been asked to create a lottery game in flash. Are there any dir files of completed flash games or anything that might help e.g. random number generater etc
1 Solution
for random numbers you can use
myvar=random (1000);
this will come up with a number between 0 and 1000

It s a start
or you can use
Math.random() which gives you a number between 0 and 1

good site with a lot of game tutorials:


Is EE's rule not to do the thing for members

However I can still provide you with the idea behind

The most difficult part within a lottery is that duplicate record is not allowed (I guess your game too, right)

So I will suggest you make a single number generator function and an array to store up the generated number

The prototype will be something as below

_root.number_requires = 6;      // say you wanna draw six times
_root.number_maximum = 100;      // the maximum number that can be drawn
_root.current_number = 1;      // the current number you are drawing
_root.temp_number = 0;            // for storing the number that will be insert to array
_root.number_array = new Array ();
_root.duplicate_checker = new Boolean ();

_root.loop_num = 0;            // temporary loop number
_root.loop_num_2 = 0;

function draw_number ()
      _root.temp_number = random (_root.number_maximum) + 1;
      _root.duplicate_checker = FALSE;      
      if (_root.current_number != 1)
            for (_root.loop_num = 0; _root.loop_num < _root.current_number - 1; _root.loop_num++)
                  if (_root.temp_number == _root.number_array [_root.loop_num])
                        _root.duplicate_checker = TRUE;

      if (_root.duplicate_checker == FALSE)
            _root.number_array [_root.current_number - 1] = _root.temp_number;
      if (_root.current_number <= _root.number_requires)
            draw_number (); // recursive call itself until all numbers drawn

draw_number ();
trace (_root.number_array); // put the answer out


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