Cold Fusion 7

MM has proven to be boobs on a bull with this issue.

I am trying to migrate a site from cf 6.1 to cf 7-client variables are on and it's set up like the cf 6.1.  The issue I'm having with 7 is that when a user logs in, the client id doesn't pass and I get no error.  Well, I ran the code analyzer and it found 9 parse errors on pages that are not in my site at all.  The proposed fix is to edit these files for correct syntax.  I found the files in cfide/administrator/analyzer, but they look like compiled files with strange symbols and what not through out the code.  My question is, how do I edit these files so they will work?  MM's response was, "sorry, we don't support that...You might find your answer in a forum, good luck, thanks for purchasing Cold Fusion 7."  Thanks a pant load MM...

Please help if you can!!

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RambieAuthor Commented:
I apologize if I sound bitter.  I'm just really frustrated...

RambieAuthor Commented:
Do I need to edit the compatibility.xml file?
Well now, we have migrated a couple of apps from 4.5. and 6 to 7 with no problems.

Why did the code analyzer analyse itself?
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RambieAuthor Commented:
I have no idea...
ok lets start at the begining:

>> the client id doesn't pass
Are you using a form? post or get? Where so you get this id from? db or otherwise?

If the code analyser didnt come up with any problems in your code, then I wouldnt go messing around with CF's internal code.
RambieAuthor Commented:
That's good to know...I won't.

The client_id doesn't pass in MX 7.  It gets the id from the db.  for some reason the query is not getting the id... 6.1 works great...
RambieAuthor Commented:
Here's where I think the problem is:

<cfif isDefined("client.usr_id") AND val(client.usr_id)>

  <!--- get the user record --->
  <cfquery name="qGetUser" datasource="#request.config.datasource#" dbtype="ODBC">
    SELECT *
    FROM   users
    WHERE  usr_id=#val(client.usr_id)#
  <cfset request.user = qGetUser>
  <!--- guarantee that client.usr_id exists even if not logged in (0) --->
  <cfset client.usr_id=0>

6.1 grabs the usr_id, but 7 sets it to 0.  Why won't the query run?

try changing the fomr from get to post - or viceversa, then see if it works...
RambieAuthor Commented:
I tried that and the page did nothing.  From post to Get.
RambieAuthor Commented:
I solved this issue...Thanks.  For some reason, mx 7 didn't like client storage.  So I changed everything to session and it works fine...So, do I get the points?
PAQed with points refunded (500)

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