Install LILO on a disk not ROOT mounted

I have to duplicate several boxes with the same REISER filesystem.

All I have to do, is repartition the blank disk then mount the blank disk into /mnt and copy the fs from the master disk mounted in /mnt1
then remove al disks but the previously blank one. and boot from CD telling the kernel to use /dev/hdc1 as root
then run LILO (lilo.conf already exists) , then reboot w/o the CD Drive

The system boots perfectly.

I would like to save time, and install LILO before or after copying files to the blank disk.

Is that posible?..

remember I have 2 disk and 1 CD. One Disk is blank the other has a filesystem on first partition.
when I boot from CD the CD itself is /dev/hda, the blank disk is /hdc and the master disk is /hdd when mounted, blank disk is /hdc1 on /mnt and master disk is /hdd1 on /mnt1 the kernel is located at / (bzImage) on the master disk but copied to the blank disk at the same location /

I would like to run LILO (the lilo binary is contained in the CD filesystem but also on both disks) and specify that it must be installed on the MBR of the blank disk and must boot /dev/hda as it's root partition. because when I remove the CD Drive and the master disk, the previously blank (now with a full filesystem) becomes hda1

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wesly_chenConnect With a Mentor Commented:

   You can try as root after copying files to the blank disk,
chroot /mnt
cd /etc
lilo -r /mnt -f /mnt/etc/lilo.conf
where -r option specify the root directory.

man lilo
for more details.

GnsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just take care that the lilo.conf used has the right thing for boot= ... If I understand you correctly there, then you need
when both "master drive" (==/dev/hdd) and "cloned drive" (==/dev/hdc) is present in the machine.

-- Glenn
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