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Running arcserve2000 on nt4 sp6a BDC.  Have hpsure store dat 24x6 autoloader.  I am formatting bran new five week set of taoes for nt home & group backups.  I am doing a test backup and restore on a directory on the bdc.  Only problem is when I go to restore by session there is nothing there so I go to restore by backup media which works.  i messed around with the settings but can't see what the problem is.  Does anyone have any ideas?
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dovidmichelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well could be the data is getting pruned out by the DB prune job.
Could be the job is set to record summary info only.
Could be db corruption.

Try merging the session in and see if it shows up.
Check the activity log to see if there is a * after the date, which indicates DB corruption.

Also install the latest updates for ARCserve 2000.
goodedAuthor Commented:

Rebooted the server and all of  a sudden all the jobs appeared in restore by seesion!  I have DB prune job turned off.  is this ok as I want to to be able to retreive certain stuff from months ago etc.?
It is fine to turn the DB Prune job off as long as you keep an eye on the DB size.

In case you ever want to enable the DB Prune job again, it is done via the ARCserve Server Admin.
goodedAuthor Commented:
Thanks dovidmichel.
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