Speech SDK 5.1 Grammar Problem

Posted on 2005-03-22
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Last Modified: 2008-01-09

I am new to speech technologies and trying to develop a calculator application with speech recognition with c#.
As for now i encountered two major problems which i couldn't overcome.

The first one is while writing an xml grammar for the speech api i couldn't add recursive context free grammar rules to the grammar. Every time i added such a rule and compiled the grammar file i received compilation error because of circular referencing. Is there a way to implement recursive CFG grammars.The recursive part of my grammar is like :

<RULE ID = "OperationExpr">
      <RULEREF REFID="Operation"/>
      <RULEREF REFID="Operators"/>
      <RULEREF REFID="Operation"/>
<RULE ID = "Operation">
            <L PROPID="Operation_Value">
                  <RULEREF REFID="OperationExpr"/>
                  <RULEREF REFID="NUMBER"/>

The second problem is about accessing values of recognized phrases.
For example in the code when defining two child phrases like

<P DISP="1">one</P>
<P DISP="2">two</P>

is there a way to make the grammar such that i can add the return values of these two phrases and make the speech engine return me "3" as recognized phrase. I need to implement this function in the xml grammar not as a program functionality in c#

Question by:ozencozturk
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Accepted Solution

thedude112286 earned 1000 total points
ID: 13606182
I don't think you can have the kind of recursion that you're looking for.  Instead, I would define opperations like +, -, /, * and define numbers but don't include operationExpr in operation.  Then, define OperationExpr to contain operator-number sequences of arbitrary length.

For the return values, can't you just change the disp value?

Author Comment

ID: 13611497
>> Then, define OperationExpr to contain operator-number sequences of arbitrary length.
     Can you explain how I can do this for arbitrary length sequences without recursion?

>>For the return values, can't you just change the disp value?
    Basically what I am trying to do is to develop a grammar for recognizing numbers. (I couldn't find some structure in SAPI that recognizes numbers. If you know such a structure, I would be glad to know;) ) However when recognizing some numbers there are problems

For example, consider:

one thousand and one
one thousand and eleven
one thousand one hundred and eleven

and I have a grammar like:  

<rule name = "num100-1000">
     <ruleref refid = "digit"/>
     <p disp = ...>thousand</p>
     <ruleref refid = "num100">

if I write "" for disp, the grammar returns 11 for 1001 and 111 for 1011. Thus I need to have some value associated with childs and should use those values from parent nodes.

However I have found an alternative way (filling '0's at the beginning of a number ie: represent 1 as 0001) and if I can create sth like:

<rule name = "newRule">
      <p disp = "some string"><p>
      </ruleref refid = "existingrule">

my grammar will work. (Basically what I am trying to do here is to add some new string at the beginning of an existing rule. ie: 978 becomes 000978) However since SAPI does not allow <p disp = "some string"><p>, I cannot create my grammar this way either. It would be great if anyone knows how to do this in sapi.  





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