Mac can only see alias of drives on network

I think I am in the right area.

My IT dept has sorta left me hanging on this one. I have two G4s running OS 10.3.3 and I am trying to network to our Windows NT Server. I am running TCP/IP and see all the drives, I get the SMB/CIFS Authentification notice and fill it out, however, they are only alias and I get the message "the original item could not be found".

The strange thing is it did work once on one of the macs, when it was first connected, after powerdown it has not connected again.

Any help?

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Dave_WatkinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This sounds about right! What you need to do is browse to the drives from the 'connect to server' (CMD-K) in the finder and relocate the originals. Then create new alias's, making sure to add the passwords to keychains if you want to. Then all should be well again.
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