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Need help with online storage options

Don't know if this is the right forum or not.
I'm looking for some advice on options for online storage of documents.  The documents include customer contact information and product pricing information.  Security is obviously of importance.  Does anyone know of a good place online that we can store the documents, but have them available for access by about 7 outside salespersons around the country?
I have looked at www.xdrive.com, which looks good to me, but I'm not sure about their security.  I've also looked at www.collabworx.com, but they seem like maybe they're more than what I need.
Any ideas would be appreciated.
3 Solutions
What kind of server are you running on your LAN?

You can setup simple intranet or Sharepoint services using Windows Small Business Server.

rhouston0872Author Commented:
I don't want to host anything at my location.  I do not have any VPN capabilities and don't want to open my network up to the world.
I'm talking about some sort of hosting by a 3rd party.
OK, so buy some www hosting from a 3rd party and run an Extranet.

We chose http://ibackup.com. They seem to be well priced and secured.
I think two layers of security would make me more comfortable for something like that.  Customer information is right up at the top of my list of things I do not want being accessed.  

There are tons of online document storage places just google on 'online document storage' as I guess maybe you have already looked.

These guys are tailored for what you are trying to do,  a lot like Xdrive, maybe more business oriented though.

All things said though I would also feel like I was taking a risk with any third party and would also encrypt the data before uploading it.  That way even if somebody did get access it would do them no good.

Take a product like Drive Crypt which allows you to make a small volume which can be mounted as a drive letter on the salesman's PC.  All data is encrypted on the web AND on the PC so even if the PC is lost the data is not accessible without the proper keys.  So just put the files into the encrypted volume and upload them.  The people on the road download and mount volume.  You can even use USB 'key's to authenticate.  As long as they do not copy the data out of the volume it remains protected.


There are also a number of similar products out there.  If the size of the data is small there are 'lite' versions that may have enough capacity and are free.

Call me paranoid but I think the data is more likely to be stolen from a mobile PC than from the net.

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