finding a device from the IP address

     I have device with an itenral IP address ( but not sure which device is this. I know the MAC address but not sure what is this device. I have all other devices and IP addreses acounted for except this one. There is no DHCP so the IP address must have been entered manually.
Is there away to see what kind of device is attached to this IP address?
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You can run an nmap scan on it to do OS fingerprint and identify the manufacturer of the NIC by the MAC address..
Try the NMAP XTRA from here:

Or use "look@lan" tool to scan the IP address

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andy98Author Commented:
Thanks. I alrady have the mac address and looks like it is from ITEL but not sure what kind of device is this.
Scan the IP address with look@lan and it will tell you what it is..
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andy98Author Commented:
Still no luck.
It is not windows for sure and services running are
21     ftp  File Transfer [Control]  
22     ssh  Secure Shell Login      
111  sunrpc portmapper, rpcbind      
773  submit -                        
2049   nfs  networked file system  

I can't ftp to anyone.
Any othe ideas?
can you telnet to the port 22?
andy98Author Commented:
any commands after telnet?
>It is not windows for sure
How many non-windows systems do you have? Doesn't this narrow it down some?
What kind of switches do you have? Perhaps you can map the MAC address to a switchport to a wall jack and trace it that way...

andy98Author Commented:
all switches, network printers and other devices are accounted for except this one.
sunrpc portmanager and nfs point to a solaris/sun box or a linux variant.
andy98Author Commented:
Finally we solved the mystry. Someone from a diferent company that shares our offices pluged their sun box into our switch by mistake. Since they have control over the network room, were were not able to detect this ater.
Thanks to all for the help.
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