How to set DNS forwarders in Windows 2003 server

My problem is as follows :

1. I have setup my domain as (say) (not xy.local) configured on windows 2003 server
2. I have set the forwaders to my ISP's DNS servers.
3. However when I wanted to browse my site hosted my an another hosting company, my DNS try to (I think) resolve it locally.

What I need to know is how could I set the DNS forwaders to ISP's DNS even for the

Note :
I tried the exception on the Doamin Name Server but it didn't accetp.

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Leave your forwarders pointing to your ISP.

In your Forward lookup zone ( add an A record called "www" assign it the IP to your external webserver.

This will create the local DNS record for ----> (whatever IP you want)


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what I have done on my active directory network at work is put the following the client machines DNS settings

Prefered DNS 19x.x.x.x <-- pointing to the PDC
Alternative DNS 19x.x.x <-- Proxy server (you could put in the router/ISP DNS server)

when the computer figures out that it cant resolve the domain form the PDC it goes to the proxy server

now this might work for me because when I was installing win2k3 on the PDC I set it to 'do not forward DNS queries'
you might want to find out what your admin (or you) have choosen.

hope this helps


HOSTS and LMHOSTS solves this permanently -- but everyone else is opposed to me suggesting this, because they seem to have some fear of these files -- so I have given up suggesting it.  What you need is to create the primary server DNS entrty to look EXTERNALLY from the local network, to find this web address. that fixes it.
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By the way, there's a command line tool called nslookup you can and should use to figure out how things are resolving -

server (server IP address)
now you can query that dns server to see what it returns.

With a little practice you can really understand what's going on.

Please don't award me points for this, I just wanted you to be aware of it...

- Jack
Any disposition is fine with me, It looks like aindelicato  was the first with a good answer.
- Jack
my solution works, but if the user doesn't use it, it's useless right?

   If you were managing a 1000 user network, and some of your users would be accessing resources from home machines connected via VPN, then the host file wouldn't be a good solution - you'd need to change all those machines.

  the best way to do it is what aindelicato suggested.

Split is fine with me, All experts who take time out of their schedules to offer help deserve points :)
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