TrendMicro Uninstalls McAfee but there's too much residue

Is there a utility to clean up the registry and file system that McAfee leaves behind when uninstalled. Outlook reports it can't load the add-in. EPO and McAfee services still exists. Even without Trend uninstalling it for me, I still have the same residue.
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go to download it . please remember to backup your register before you clean it.
Reboot the PC
Click rapidly on {F} button until the dos menu appears assuming this is win98
Type at the c\ prompt:
    cd windows
   cd command
   scanreg / restore
Pick the last good registry

Winxp pro
Click rapidly on {F} button until the until the window that allows you to default to the last good settings.


OpTiCzAuthor Commented:
All of these are windows XP machines. The last good registry would do what I don't want it to do. I think your thinking of F8 anyway.
I want to clean up all of the residue in the Registry, NTFS, and services McAfee leaves behind.
I was hoping someone wrote a script for this, or McAfee has a clean up tool
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may i know what is your Os?
If the ePO agent is still installed on your machines then you will still be able to uninstall it from the ePO console:

"You actually have to delete the machine from the group in which it resides. Right click on the machine and choose delete.  A message box will pop up with the question "Are you sure you want to delete the selected node?" and a check box with the question "Uninstall agent from all connected machines?"   You must check the box and hit "Yes".  This can be misleading because it is NOT deleting the agent from ALL connected machines.  The agent is only being removed from the selected machine."

BTW: It is a good practice to "force uninstall" of the McAfee antivirus software from within the ePO console BEFORE uninstalling the ePO agent. This will also remove the antivirus services. Doing this you will be able to uninstall all the McAfee software remotely.

McAfee KB - Manual uninstall VirusScan 7:|12444627&sliceID=&docID=KC.KB_NAI33578&url=kb/kb_nai33578.xml&dialogID=12448557&docType=DOC_KnowledgeBase&iterationID=1&docName=Solution%20ID%20NAI33578%20-%20VirusScan%20Enterprise%207.0%20Manual%20Uninstall%20and%20Cleanup

If you have another version of VirusScan go to, select your product there and search for 'uninstall'. You should find a KB article that describes howto remove the remaining files and registry items.

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OpTiCzAuthor Commented:
There was no solution present, I'm just going to have to uninstall McAfee manually. Sorry.
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