Corporate Spam Control without Exchange

I've done some research in looking for a corporate level spam control solution that does not require Exchange.  To be specific, I'm talking about spam control for a small office that uses POP to get and send E-mail with their local ISP other than installing a consumer Spam control package on each individual PC.

Basically, I need a middle ground between a consumer method and something for an organization with Exchange.  Does such a thing exist?


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your isp should be able to provide full spam and virus scanning for your pop mail, my ISP charges very small amount for this for 20+ pop accounts (something like $40 a year or something).

Alternatively you could use a service like who can definately stop the spam and virus and do it for low cost, good for small business.

you can also get antispam software for your clients, these (like McAfee) can actually check your pop accounts and screen them for spam and virus before allowing it into your mailbox. Also take a look at dedicated content filtering software like who specialise in spam and claim 100% success in stopping it.

These seem to work fine, I have and do use all of the above.


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An excellent Anti Spam solution which I have used before is MIMESWEEPER.  This also identifies mail when breaches of policy occur.  You have the ability to configure the policy at the mail gateway.

Have a look at
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