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moving one domain to another domain

i have 2 domains set up. both are windows 2000 active directory domains.
1 domain has 3 pdcs and 150 computers. currently lotus R6 migrating to exchange.
2nd domain has 1 pdc and one nt4 memberserver, 6pcs running exchange 2000
there are no webservices, or anything like that.

We have to move the the second to our domain. so here are the questions :
1. i have to demote the pdc running exchange which is main server, using dcpromo. second i dont really need to clean up anything since its the main pdc and will remove the domain once demoted correct ?
2. after i do demote it can i just rename the machine and add it to the other domain or is there something specific i ihave to do so that the old active directory doesnt get messed up when joined to the other domain ?  the exchange server will be shut off mailboxes exported and .pst file made from global adreess list.
3. the nt4 box can just be renamed and added to the new domain ?
1 Solution
1.  yes,, running dcpromo on the last DC in a domain will "kill" the doamin
2.  all you have to do is point it to a DNS server in the new domain and add it to the domain just as you would a workstation.
3.  yes, just add it as you normally would

keep in mind that since you are killing the old domain, no AD records (user accouts etc) will exist anymore.
Network 1: Did you run it in NATIVE mode or mixed mode?

Are you planning on creating an additional domain? or a child domain? in the tree....

mndthegap1Author Commented:
I have not actually seen or been part of the network.
what i am supose to do is, have their domain users and servers part of our current domain. No child domain.
I think it is in mixed mode not really sure.. the reason i say that is i was just given some new information last night this is the situation :

Because of speed issues they duplicate all the users manually on to the exchange server with the same passwords as on the nt4 domain both are setup as domain controllers . So the key passing the username & password is the same to bothe servers and domains.

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