Simple Text Content Management Software Advice Wanted

I am looking for a cheap or free bit of script or program that will allow a customer to update simple text in a single cell on one page of a larger web site. Ideally they just need to be able to click a link or login somehow to that page and then just be able to edit the main text body of the open page, from within their web browser (IE6). Any sugestions gratefully recieved. I have come across a couple but they seem to be quite costly or complex.

Thanks in advance.
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James RodgersConnect With a Mentor Web Applications DeveloperCommented:
>>Can i then use some sort of php for just the listing page and an add/edit/delete page for the customer that is password protected?

yes, and very easy to implement

create a table adminUsersCompanyName
UserID (pk, auto)

also table jobListingCompanyName
JobID (pk, auto)
JobTitle (text, 50)
JobDesc (text,100)
Postdate (date)
EndDate (date) optional

create an admin page listing all job in the job list

Job ID   Job Title    Post Date   Close Date   Action
                                                               Edit | Delete

                                                                Add New Listing

the add, edit and delete can use teh same forms page


on the login
get teh user id and password

find them in teh db, if found cereate session var isLogged redirect to the admin page and always validate teh isLogged var, if not found or isLogged expires redirect to the login page

on teh listing page create teh optin to log out, delete session vars
What scripting languages and requirements are acceptable, ie. can you use a PHP/MySQL solution?
Aidy_BAuthor Commented:
the web site is approx 9 pages of static html. It is a site for a specialist staff agency and they want a single page that they can list and update jobs on but they have no web development experience or knowledge. Also i do not want them to have the ftp login details as i host many other peoples sites on the one ftp account.
My preference is to stay away from anything which means i cannot use simple html designed pages so as not to upset the rest of the site.
Each of the jobs they list will only be 2 text lines (1 for title and 1 for basic detail).
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James RodgersWeb Applications DeveloperCommented:
why not set tehm up with a db and an interface either throught the web or linked through access?
Aidy_BAuthor Commented:
i have a mysql database on my hosting package current being used for a private forum for one of the sites but it does not allow for direct access from a pc, but only from a web site. I belive I should be able to use this database without upsetting the forum, but correct me if wrong. Can i then use some sort of php for just the listing page and an add/edit/delete page for the customer that is password protected? Or is there another way of achieving the same goal. Is there any pre-written scripts that peolple can recomend as easy to get on with and impliment.
Still open to other sugestions.
Aidy_BAuthor Commented:
This does sound like a good solution however i have bare minimal experience of php and that was just customizing the look of the forum i did (used phpbb).
Unfortunatly if i am to use this solution i am going to need an idiots guide to php as i do not know how to create a table.
James RodgersWeb Applications DeveloperCommented:
mssql create table syntax

create table tablename (
  fieldname      datatype [NOT NULL],
  fieldname2      datatype [NOT NULL],
  PRIMARY KEY (fieldname [, fieldname2] )

if you can connect to the mssql database the rest is easy
I have FREE ASP Blog software available at

It's just a free ASP page that allows you to post or let others post data.

And of course it can be customized.  One person made it into a full website that I know of (they copied the bfn.asp file to other filenames, then made links to each page).

If you can't get it to run, post here so everyone can learn.
James RodgersWeb Applications DeveloperCommented:
glad i could help

thanks for the points
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