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Can you kindly brief us on Latest Developments if any.

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>Just a Quick review


The war between Google, Yahoo and MSN continues on many fronts.  

For example Google acquires Picasa and then to provide a complete photo management system. In the last few days Yahoo have acquired Flickr to enhance their Yahoo Photos offering. Yahoo is entering social networking with the about to be released Yahoo 360 a blogging tool that also enhances features already in Yahoo. Google is into social networking too with Orkut and of course MSN has MSN Spaces and continues to beta Wallop.  The war ranges far and wide with each of the companies announcing new features every month.

One crucial battle in the war is being fought over search with Google's Adwords, Yahoo's Overture (to be re-branded as Yahoo! Search Marketing Solutions) and MSN's about to be launched adCenter platform.  Of course the winner of this particular battle does not necessarily win the war but search advertising revenues are growing rapidly and each company wants the largest slice of the expected $23 billion total by 2010.

To certain extent the battle will favour the search engine with the most users.  Looking at one site which is number one for a popular search term in all three engines I have noticed that Yahoo and MSN are increasing their percentage (as referrers) at the expense of Google with the latest figures Google 46.20%, Yahoo 22.80% and MSN 19.30%. Of course referrers is not 'users' and this is only one site but I am seeing similar changes all over at the moment.

Who is going to win? All three of them :)

- duz

Sites mentioned:
Yahoo 360
MSN Spaces
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