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block from creating BIOS password

Can anyone please let me know how to block a user from setting a BIOS password?
2 Solutions
Pete LongConsultantCommented:
you cant - other that creating a BIOS access password but ther pretty simpe to get round anyway
Pete LongConsultantCommented:
Basically there are usually TWO types of BIOS password

1. Startup Password; This stops the PC booting till a password is entered.
2. BIOS password; This stops you entering the BIOS setup until a password is entered.

This information is held in a CMOS (Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) chip, this is used because it only requires a TINY amount of voltage to keep its settings. This voltage is usually supplied by a Lithium battery on the motherboard (Some Laptops don’t have this they store the info in Flash memory - Consult the handbook)
I'd suggest just creating a BIOS password and stopping booting from anything but the harddisk. Bios passwords can be usually be gotten around by:

a) Corrupting the checksum the bios uses to make sure its settings are valid (hence causing it to reset with no pwd).
b) Battery removed until all power has gone and the bios losses the settings
c) Some motherboards (or mainboards depending on what you want to call them) have a jumped on you can switch to reset the password.

Most users won't try and open their PC and have long enough to let leave the battery out to reset the bios. If you disable booting from a floppy it prevents the user from resetting the bios with a bootdisk. There are programs that can do it from windows (eg on any OS previous to XP you can reset the bios by utalising the inbuilt debug command).

At the end of the day you won't prevent somebody who will go to any length, but as with anything your trying to make it harder which the above should do.

What sort of enviroment are the PC's in? Office space? Home PC's or what?
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Sreenu58Author Commented:
Thank you, as there is a way to go around it, I think I shouldn't be worried of any employee having a BIOS password.

Thank for the help.
No problem
depends on the level of security required, if your finanical, Govvernment or paranoid corporate, securing the bios with third party software is the norm.

If your thinking about bios security it suggests that you have a need perhaps, have a look at this product.



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